A quick intro…

Hi, I’m Leah. I’m a writer who also coaches other writers and facilitates a writing group called The Core Stories Collective. I think and speak and write about writing, like, all the time. This newsletter is a space to share some of what I’m (always and constantly) learning about why and how to write sustainably and what it means to identify as “writer.”

Here’s what I believe: our stories give us grounding. They transform experience to roots. They harvest fruits from where there once was only mud. They contain the seeds of what’s to come. Stories matter, and to share them is to catalyze change, both in ourselves and in the world.

If you're ready to tend to your most sacred narratives, and to start living them out loud (or putting them on paper), you're in the right place.

The nitty gritty…

The Core Stories began as a personal essay series that I launched on my website back in 2015 before transitioning to this Substack platform. You’ll find a handful of those personal essays further back in my Substack feed — they’re the ones titled, “A story about…”

Nowadays, The Core Stories takes the form of weekly newsletters on writing. Each one includes a micro-essay on a particular writing-related theme, a relevant quote, and a prompt you can use. They go out every Thursday.

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Weekly reflections on the practice of writing and why it matters that we root our sacred narratives on paper.


Leah Pellegrini

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